Monday, August 18, 2008


Even though I hardly ever post to this poor blog of mine, I really wanted to join in Nester's blog party today. It's all about making your living space beautiful. Instead of creating window treatments, Nester "mistreats" her windows and oh my goodness, she is amazing!

I love me some interior design. I love it even more when it's cheap! Here's my cheap and cute contribution to the mistreatment party.

First, my living room curtains. These are just plain cotton canvas panels from Martha Stewart Living. I bough them before Alex was born, so they're more than 6 years old. The entire time they've been hanging in this room, I've wanted to embellish them. I finally did it! (Actually, I have another window to do, but I plan to have it done within the next few days. I used canvas drop cloths (painting cloths) that I had in my stash (they were cheap and really useful) and denim from when I sewed the slipcovers for my furniture. I just cut it up, ironed a couple of seams and hot glued the fabric right on to the existing panels, I didn't even take the panels off the window! And, I spent $0!!!! What do you think?

My slipcovers have been bugging me. I made them a couple of years ago and I don't love them. Even though we are in desperate need of new furniture, the cash is not in the budget for it right now. Anyway, I could starch and iron these slipcovers and make them look all crisp and gorgeous, but who wants to do that? The kick pleats at the bottom of the cover gap open and don't hang right and it bugs me to no end. What to do? Hot glue! I took out my trusty, cheapo glue gun and just dotted it on and stuck the fabric where it belongs. Dontcha just love the last photo with my glue gun and cords everywhere? (grin)

Thanks, Nester! I can't wait to peruse all of the blogs to see everyone's creativity.