Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

drawing-pages-3 It's time for another Thrifty Thursday post! With the economy in the toilet and all of the hoopla over the world's financial situation, thriftiness is more a necessity than ever. So what have I done this week to save some cash?

1. I made a menu plan and (for the most part) we've stuck to it. We haven't been out to dinner (except when planned). I am notorious for being too tired to cook or plan and then we end up going out or ordering take-out. We have not done that this week. Score!

2. I've been redecorating. But I haven't spent a dime! Yay! I have such a stash of stuff and I've been perusing old magazines to get ideas. On Saturday, we tore out the carpet in the Kidlet's room to reveal beautiful hardwood floors. We rearranged furniture in the living room and I hung new and different items on the walls. I hope to show off some of my new arrangements in tomorrow's blog post.

3. I've resisted the urge to go shop. It's totally crazy, but I get a huge urge to shop when I know I need to not do so. It's like shooting myself in the foot. I really, really wanted to go to the thrift store today. Thrifting is thrifty-right? Sure, but do I need anything? Nope. I took a nap instead.

4. I used coupons and a list when I shopped for groceries this week. I belong to a coupon train and the grocery game. I am able to save a bunch of money this way. I only bought what I needed for this week, too.

5. I love Olay Cleansing cloths. They make my face feel really good and clean and they don't dry out my skin. But the cloths are so big. I cut them in half and now rather than one months worth, I have two months worth of facial cloths!

6. This one is kind of silly and self-evident, but this finally dawned on me. When I make a pot of tea, I use the leftover tea that I don't drink hot for iced tea. I just pour it into a container and throw it into the fridge for later.

7. I'm drinking more water and much less soda. I'm urging the Man to do so, as well. (He can get all the soda pop he wants for free at work).

8. I'm praying for strength and counting my blessings. Today during my morning walk, I spent my time noticing the beauty around me and talking with God. It was beautiful.

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